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Project Activities

The project team will study the corridor between Wyanet and Moline.  The team will:

  • Identify needed improvements to individual grade crossings to allow for 79 mph passenger rail service.
  • Draft an Environmental Assessment (EA) document.
  • Develop preliminary engineering plans and cost estimates for proposed infrastructure improvement projects.
  • Present grade crossing preliminary engineering plans to the jurisdictional agencies for review.
  • Host a public meeting.

Previous Accomplishments

An evaluation of grade crossings along the Iowa Interstate (IAIS) portion of the corridor was conducted. Local public officials and residents assisted the team with these evaluations, providing for a full representation of current conditions at grade crossings along the railroad.

The existing conditions of the corridor were assessed utilizing ground penetrating radar (GPR). GPR uses high-frequency radio waves to investigate subsurface conditions without disturbing the track.  The GPR analysis identifies locations where ballast and subsurface materials need to be replaced. These analyses were necessary, as the condition of the railroad track substructure has a significant influence on track performance.

Additional studies included diagnostic field reviews of roadway bridges and further sub-surface evaluations.

Work at Eola Yard is in progress.