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Project Activities


The project consists of two environmental documents prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act.  These documents include:

  • Categorical Exclusion for Wyanet Connection
  • CE for Wyanet Connection
  • Environmental Assessment (EA) for Wyanet to Moline

 As part of the EA for Wyanet to Moline, the team will:

  • Identify improvements to grade crossings to allow for 79 mph passenger rail service
  • Prepare preliminary engineering plans for the grade crossing improvements and present to the jurisdictional agencies for review
  • Identify track, signal, and communications improvements needed to support the proposed service
  • Prepare the EA document
  • Develop preliminary engineering plans and capital cost estimates for the proposed improvements
  • Develop operating and maintenance cost estimates for the proposed service
  • Host a series of public meetings
  • Evaluate the project for feasibility based on potential impacts to the environment, and capital, operating, and maintenance costs associated with implementing the proposed service
  • October 2011: First round of public meetings held
  • November 2013: Eola Yard CE approved
  • April 2013: Grade crossing evaluations
  • May 2013: Existing conditions evaluations with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • August 2017: Grade crossing inspections
  • August 2017: Bridge inspection of Wyanet-Moline portion of the corridor
  • September 2017: Track inspection of Wyanet-Moline portion of the corridor.
  • December 2017: Construction at Eola Yard is complete
  • December2017: Issued Environmental Commitment Compliance Record for BNSF Eola Yard improvements
  • April 2018: Performed geotechnical exploration in the IAIS corridor
  • Ongoing – preliminary engineering, environmental assessment, negotiations with IAIS railroad on construction and maintenance agreements